Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5th Place in Paros FreestyleWalk 2012 - Report

The Paros FreestyleWalk took place from the 6th till the 9th of July in Paroswindsurf Surfclub located in Pounda-Paros with 16 participants from all over Greece. We had 5.3 conditions for 2 of the 4 days of the competition and 1 Single and Double elimination was completed according to the efpt format.

That was the first ever competition for me and i was happy to see myself coping much better than expected in competition-mode windsurfing. In all the 6min heats i could land almost all my moves without problems. Most of the riders could land  the regular and switch stance basic moves so landing kono and shaka in all heats and culo in some, helped me advance.

In the Single Elimination after winning my first heat  i was against Stam Promponas (#15 PWA fuerte 2010) in light conditions where he managed to land a ponch that made the difference between our moves.

In the Double after winning 3 heats in a row i was against Nikos Athanasiou(Top 10 efpt 2009) sailing for the 4th position. It was a very close heat as i was landing  the same moves as Nikos immediatly after he landed them. Till the end we had the same moves, shaka, sw kono, kono, funnel oh, puneta  for Nik and shaka, sw kono, kono, funnel oh , double flaka for me. Before the end of the heat Nik landed a shove it spock  and at the same time i was landing a clean and high culo but while flipping the sail in the end of the move the sail slipped out of my hands :((. so i finished in 5th position.

All in all i m happy that already from my first competition i could sail in this level in my heats but i also have a bitter feeling that it was in my hand to advance and go higher but i didnt.
Double elimination ladder
photo: Phoivos Tsoupras

Rigging up
photo: Phoivos Tsoupras
Photo: Phoivos Tsoupras

going for a sw kono in the heat against Nik Athanasiou
photo: Phoivos Tsoupras
Stam, Koro, me
Souvlaki time in the end of the day :)
Photo Phoivos Tsoupras
Pounda Sunset :)

That's all for now, tomorrow i go back to Rodos for work and training to prepare for the Frulite GreatBoarders contest in Anavyssos-Athens in 2 weeks. 

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