Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New SailSponsor-Winter in Rhodes

Time goes fast...It Almost feels like yesterday sailing the warm West winds in Rhodes...Now already winter, sailing in cold stormy winds trying to keep my moves in good shape..

Since the middle of November i have a new Sailsponsor-XTRM.ws-Challenger Sails. 

photo Zafer Giannikoglou- Edit Raffaello Saracini

I tried the Challenger FREE G out of curiosity and i was so impressed that i couldn t help it but change my sails. The characteristics that i like the most about the sail are:

1 the stable and ''in control'' ducking

2 it remains neutral during sliding manouvers when u need it

3 early planing

4 During rotations while swifing from back to wind to normal position the sail power ups instantly giving you just the right amount of push to come out of the rotation very fast and go for another one   

5 Sail behaviour remains quiet the same no matter the sail size or the wind conditions

photo Thomas Vasilos
All in all the FREE G makes me feel more confident during moves. The sizes i use are 5.0-4.6-4.2

photo Zafer Giannikoglou

Photo Thomas Vasilos

Some days ago i was out sailing as overpowered as it gets on my 4.2 in the North Tip of Rhodes and my friend and photographer Miltos Louizidis was there to take some pictures. This is the Result!

Photo Milton Louiz

You can check out more of his work here 

To close this post with, now in Winter its either too strong or too light. Here is a Grubby on my FREE G 5.0.in very light conditions. Nothing intresting about the move, just nice how i could plane on the wave that never broke :)

HDV 1279 from Stefanos Damianos on Vimeo.
Filmed by Takis Potsakis

Friday, September 7, 2012

Busy Times!!

Short Report of last 1,5 month :)

To take things from where i left them in the last post :D, it was a weekend more than one and a half month ago that i was in Athens-Anavyssos for the Frulite On the Go freestyle contest. A very well organised event by Nik Athanasiou with 32 competitiors. Was really nice to see everybody gathered together and a lot of young windsurfers taking part! We had wind just the first day of the 2day contest and competion could be completed till the top 8. Here is the final video of the event and a small interview of me in Greek :)


On the ferry back to Rhodes, checking some e-mails in the evening, i found one from PWA saying that due to cancelations there was a place for me to compete in Fuerteventura! It was 23rd of July evening, i would arrive in rodos next morning and i had to be in Fuerte on the 25th noon :D

It was not an easy decision as i would have to pay a lot for the last minute ticket and i wasnt even sure if i would be able to land any of my moves in the hard Fuerte copmetition area and have a proper performance.

Finally i bought the very last free place on the plane and flew the same evening to Roma, next morning to Madrid and from there to Fuerte. A half-empty touristic bus drove me from airport till the Hotel next to Rene Egli Center 1 and finally i was there :)

Immediately i started meeting all my friends from Trips to Egypt and Prasonisi and as soon as i rigged up wind picked up and everybody went to the water. First session in competition area with high tide couldn t be more discourouging :D

Next morning sailing with lower tide was much better and i got a little bit more confident. Before i had time to think too much about it competition was already on and i was against Edvan Souza from Brazil.
Edvan and me after the Heat
Photo Ankiara Rosales Santana
 I did my best under the circumnstances and managed to land shaka, small air flaka and funnel on the outside and wet kono and culo on the inside.Edvan had the same moves but made them better so he advanced. In the Double i was against Tony Mottus in very light winds where he sailed better and advanced.

All in all it was a super nice to get to know everybody on the Tour, sail together with the top guys and be part of this big event.

Highlight of the trip back to Rhodes was the 18hours that i had to wait in Roma airport :D

3 Days later i was again on the road, this time on my way to Lesbos for the efpt in Sigri. 12 hours to Athens, then 10 hours to Lesbos and another 2 hours driving to the spot :S 

After all that time without any proper training and non stop traveling i wasn t on top form for the event. Anyway i managed to win 2 heats lost another 3 and finished 13th.


SW kono

Prizegiving :)

Final Results

Coming back to Rhodos with the regular 24hour trip there was another challenge waiting for me there. The opening of a small bar i was preparing since the beginning of the summer in Rhodes old town.


Since then, SMOOTH keeps me busy till late in the evenings preparing frozen cocktails but i have all day free for windsurfing :)

Last 10 days here in Rhodes it is super windy and i finally had the chance to sail on 4.5 after a whole summer on 5.0 and 5.3. I shouldn t forget to mention that taking part in the competitions gave me extra motivation and push to train more and the results are to be seen already. Unfortunately i don t have any videos or pictures from my last sessions in the north of Rhodes but i enjoy sailing here more than ever before!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some moves filmed yesterday in prasonisi on 5.3 Blacktip